Contacting Support



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The Learning Center is designed to support your learning needs! If you have a question, consider searching for a topic first, prior to contacting a Support specialist.

The Learning Center associated with your application offers the main avenue to contact Support. To access the Learning Center, click the Help Center option (located within your account options in the top right corner of the page).


This selection opens the Learning Center where you will see the option to submit a request.


Submitting a Request

Click Submit a Request to open a request form. You are required to enter an email, subject, and description, and you can optionally attach a file.



Enter an email address in the first prompt. The Support team will use this email to provide a confirmation and initiate feedback.


Use the Subject box to indicate the topic affiliated with your request.

Note, when typing your subject, you will be presented with potential articles that may cover the topic for which you are searching. Reference these articles, as needed, to assist with your inquiries.



In the Description, provide information about your request and include all the steps you have taken. (This information will help the Support team replicate the experience.)


Select Add File to include any optional documents that may help Support to further identify an issue. 


Once complete, click Submit. The system will send a confirmation email to your inbox, and Support will provide a response email once your question is reviewed.